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Instant messenger

    Run your QuickDove messenger client, select a contact at your contant lists.Double click the contact, then type your message in the text box at the bottom, Click Send button, the mssage will be sended sucessfully.

Offline messenger

    If you send text messages to users who are currently offline, that users will receive the messages as soon as they log into QDMessenger. The offline messages are subject of the same security level as the normal online messages. They are encrypted and only the message recipient can read them.

Emoticons Send Message

     If you want to share your emotions with your contact, you can use the Emotions set that Brosix provides. Select the right emotion from the menu and include it to your text message.


     Use this button to attract attention. If your party does not respond for a long time, you can send a signal to attract their attention.
text instant message

file transfer

Files & folders transfer

Send files

     Transfer files from PC to PC, forward a received file, or transfer a folder with multiple contacts at one time.

Receiving files

    When a contact sends you a file, the software will notify you immediately. The file receiving is also a very simple procedure – just follow the prompts.

Message History

     All of your text chats are recorded locally on your computer. You can review your previous chat sessions at any time.
    Simple, easy-to-use, and intuitive – this is the chat history browser. You can easily review your previous conversations or search for a keyword using the search tool.
message history

User Status

Let your contacts know your status

You can choose and set your online status to – Online / Away / Busy.

the software automatically checks and sets your status to “Away” if you do not work with your computer for a while. This way your colleagues will know you are not at the computer at the moment and you cannot respond to their questions.
file transfer